Friday, 12 January 2018

Awesome Secrets of UK Snails and Slugs in Settle and Dentdale.

And not only UK Slugs.. but Spanish ones too!  .. but more of that below.
Visit to Dentdale on 9 Sept 2017 by YNU and CCG

It's ten years since national snail expert Adrian Norris, and Yorkshire Naturalists Union Recorder led  Craven Conservation Group along Giggleswick Scar (6 May 2007) where we discovered the Heath snail.

And 11 years since we visited the Hoffman Kiln and found 27 land species! - more than 1/10th the British fauna.  (I rediscovered the speech I had written for Craven Speakers Club about Snails which recounted that expedition.. I'll put that up later)

2017 found us on two more snails trips (three if you include New Year's Day.)

A couple of lichen pictures have strayed in ..

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