Wednesday, 10 January 2018

I am already whelmed. Ten Tips for Time management from Chris Birch

Chris Birch gave a good speech at Craven Speakers Club at Skipton in autumn 2017. He gave it to illustrate the "list" format for making a speech.

But it was such good advice I write it here:-

1. Ruthless priorities
        One Route, One direction
2. Schedule your time
3. Put aside two hours with nothing scheduled in it.
4. Chaos is a terrible thing (I forget what this title meant)
5. Leave some problems unresolved
6. Have a "Don't Do" list
7. Have Humour: Remember to say "I am already whelmed" - Don't get overwhelmed.
8. Use the energy - How?
9. Think of the gas law (Any gas fills the available space)

Well I have achieved and understood number 4. These points were written on a piece of paper. Now they are filed in this blog, and the piece of paper is in the bin.

Happy day everyone.

Have a Whelmed Day.


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