Tuesday 2 January 2018

New Year Plant Hunt 2018

On Monday 1 Jan 2018 at 10 am three members of Craven Conservation Group   went for a walk / route march to visit the highlights from previous years. David Fisher, Ann Craven and I. We found 22 species in flower. 
I sent in the results that evening to BSBI and felt happy that on Day 1 of the New Year I had achieved something.

You can see our results (and everyone else's in UK) here: https://nyph.bsbi.org/

 This Lesser Burdock is not in flower, but by the time (at Dave's suggestion, thank you Dave) I had examined it, it had left its hooked involucral bracts on my coat, bag and red pompom hat. Huh.

See it was a somewhat moist day.

The  Red Valerian was really struggling to be seen in flower.

The churchyard supplied its usual daisies.

Yes, a small plant of Thale cress.

Once onto the industrial estate we found a large area with 
Rue-leaved-saxifrage (though none in flower elsewhere)

Further along in the lorry park a driver
told us about Dog Daisies.. and we found two.

Senecio viscosus - Sticky Groundsel
Thanks Dave, Ann (and briefly Chris Taylor) for taking part.

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