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YNU Zoom Chat Meetings

The  next YNU Zoom Chat Meeting is on Fri 4 June at 7.30pm.
(These take place every fortnight. )

Roy Crossley (A former president of the YNU) will be telling us about Dolichopodidae - Longlegged Flies in a short talk.

If you wish, bring a photo you have taken for "30 Days Wild June" or other event.

There is space for  other short (8 min) talks  at future meetings and plenty of opportunity for discussion. - Do invite your friends
Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
(Or if you register at 7.30pm on the meeting evening you should just get put straight through, )

It includes an opportunity to meet each other from across Yorkshire in small groups (breakout groups)  and raise other topics.

If you would like to give a four to six minutes talk at a future Chat event (even if you haven't been to a meeting before) - please contact me -  


The YNU holds two types of Zoom meetings:  Speaker Meetings and Chat Meetings:

1. Zoom Speaker Meetings 

The YNU is holding Zoom Speaker Meetings about once a month. The latest one was  by Louise Hill on Lindholme and the Fire on Hatfield Moor 15th April Visit the YNU website where there will shortly be a link so that you can, for a month,  watch this excellent talk.

There will be a break over summer till the next season of Speaker Meetings

2. YNU Zoom Chat Meetings

These include three to four  short (4-5 minute) talks and also the opportunity to meet members from across Yorkshire in small groups (breakout groups)

The next one is on7 May

The first Zoom Chat meeting was held on 26 Feb: Members attended - from Sheffield to Croft (near Darlington) - from Scarborough to Settle. From Pocklington to Barnsley.  We had talks on Moths, St Kilda, Microscopic Freshwater Life and more. 

The second was held on 12 March: Talks were given on: Freshwater life under the high power microscope (videos); Four Ferns in Four Minutes; The history of the YNU in 10 minutes; and a talk on Wild Orchid Propagation.

The third one on Friday 26 March presented talks on Blowwells and Bryozoa, Gooseberries in hedgerows, Accessing previous editions of the Naturalist online  and hibernating bats.

The fourth one on 9 April included talks on Plant Galls, Fossils (by a 12 year old) Bee-flies and Pillwort in Yorkshire.

 THe fifth one was held on 23 April
It included talks on:
  • Sawflies
  • Pasque flower in East Yorkshire and the project on ex-situ propagation
  • Wild Tulips in Yorkshire

  They are open to members of the YNU and members of affiliated societies.  They start at 7.30pm (doors open at 7.15).

Tethredo vespa

Athalia rosea - Turnip Sawfly

The sixth one 7 May featured a talk on

  • Moonwort and Adders-tongue in Yorkshire by by Barry White.
The seventh on 21 May featured:
The Meadow Cranesbill-Weevil - Please all YNU members lookout for it next month (late June- July) and send us your records
Pictures from the YNU Bryological section visit to Scoska Wiid, Littondale on 8 May this year. Yorkshire's Celtic (ish) rainforest!

Afraid of using Zoom? 

Some of you might like to have a practice using Zoom before the meeting and to have a go at "Share Screen" and learn what more of the buttons do in Zoom.  I (Judith) am very happy to hold practice sessions first with members who would like to have one. 

Proposed YNU Zoom Chat Programme for Fri 7 May

7.15: "Assemble"

7.30: Official start

7.35: Breakout Groups: we will divide into groups according to interest this evening: 1) Birds, 2) Higher Plants,  4) Insects  5) mammals other suggestions? contact me.

7 45: One planned short talk of 4 to 8 min each plus 5 min each for discussion

8:00 Chat and Pictures

8.35: Coffee Break

8.45: Announcements

8.50: More discussion/ Photos by anyone else

9:00: Plan the next event.

9:15: Finish

For more details contact

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