Saturday 30 October 2021

CaminotoCOP pilgrimage Newton - Bentham 6 Oct - Glasgow 3O Oct

I joined the Camino to COP pilgrims as they walked the 16 miles from Newton in Bowland over the moor of the Forest of Bowland to High Bentham. This day the central part of their route - indeed they were less than 10 miles from the centre of gravity of Britain.

We had splendid weather and views.

We had a tight schedule as the BBC had arranged to interview some of the key walkers when we came to The Great Stone of Four Stones at Bentham at 4pm and they came back with us to the Methodist Church at Bentham where the pilgrims were staying over night

I am told the pilgrims will feature on Sunday Live on BBC1 on 31 October

The first mile

The pilgrims had a coat and at each stage new squares were added to it created by people of that area.  New pilgrims were encouraged to wear it for sections of the journey and they had a special song to sing.

 Lower down I will link to the video of my wearing it and Tim Fox of Bentham wearing it.

I have written more about the day on Green Christian's website  

At Croasdale Farm we had an excellent introduction to farming in the Forest of Bowland by farmer  Malcolm Handley and an opportunity ask questions - managing the land to retain carbon, to have some biodiversity. He has schools and apprentices to visit and do tasks. - 

At the summit, at lunch one pilgrim gave a powerful rendition of the song St Patrick's Breastplate (Christ be with me..)

Some biodiversity en route

Caterpillar -- yet to be named

Meadow waxcaps and other waxcaps


The Great Stone of Four Stones

Looking down from the Great Stone

The light was fading as we reached Bentham two miles beyond.. a welcome supper had been prepared for the pilgrims at the Methodist Church by people from the Anglican Church and others... And the pilgrims could look forward to sleeping on a floor with underfloor heating!

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