Friday 28 May 2021

Pentecost Walk to Austwick, Oxenber Woods and Feizor on Sun 23 May 2021

A 6 km (plus) hilly walk: bluebells, primroses - showers - sheep  - solution hollows - good company - our own company and the company of "Rose and others in Kenya who have to walk 8km a day just to collect water".. and tea at the hamlet of Feizor 2/3 of the way round.

There were five of  us. We stopped four times  to use the meditations given in the 2021 Christian Aid Booklet "A seven-day devotional", then read the last three on the way home in the car (through the rain) The theme was climate change and life in Africa. especially Kenya

Churches Together in Settle held a walk to celebrate Pentecost on 23 May. This 6km - (4mile) walk passes through some beautiful hazel - bluebell woodland with areas of limestone pavement. The length of walk, and mixed weather forecast may have put off some people, but the five of us who went had a great time, and met other people en route.

May 23 - this is the first Hawthorn I have seen in flower in this area. (there was some out by the motorway at Lancaster a week ago


Examining the depression - Preglacial Solution Hollow?
and Ancient Anthills.

The Pentecost Flower was not yet out - only in bud

We hope to lead other walks in the coming three weeks, some more specifically for children contact

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