Thursday, 21 June 2018

30 Days Wild - Day 14 - Waves - and Mr Fox

. Strong winds this morning
Waves travel down the cross section of grass revealed by the grass cutter
By evening the weather settles down and I walk by the Ribble. 
There is a light breeze.
Why are there ripples on this side of the river but not the other?
Is it to do with depth of water?

I must read more of the excellent book "How to read water" by Tristan Gooley

I watch the family of ducks.. Mrs Duck is quacking, and her "teenage" children stay with her. Are they are they staying in the deeper water?  I realise I am not the only one watching them. On the far side, Mr Fox comes down to the waters edge.. 
Sadly my Olympus Tough camera that does such brilliant close-ups for some reason won't focus when the camera is set to telephoto so my video comes out blurred.. this is the best shot I can manage

The arrow marks the fox

 If the river gets much shallower, Mrs Duck won't be able to avoid Mr Fox..  but then maybe in a few more weeks her ducklings will be able to fly.
These are not waves, rather potholes worn in the limestone bed of the river
 - they are normally covered by water.

Coming shortly:- Tales of the Nidd ..
finding Carex laevigata  with AONB Volunteers botanising near Galsshouses 
to discovering St Robert's Cave at Knaresborough in the beautiful Nidd Gorge

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