Sunday, 19 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 7 - White - 3

We see so many white flowers at this time of year that an extra "white flowers day" is demanded this "week".

I'll even put an extra plant in at the end too- a nice big one to make up for the first three being tiny.

The first three flowers are weeds of gardens and disturbed places. The fourth is more of a hedgerow plant.

"Little white crucifers" all have four white petals and most have 6 or occasionally 4 anthers.
However the shape of the fruit can be distinctive.

I took all the photographs in this post. 

Flower 1:
The first is Spring Whitlowgrass.

The scale is cm on the left and inches on the right so you see haow small it is. there is lots of it on the cobbles next to the fountain in Langcliffe- most of them looking rather sad with the drought.

Here is the Spring Whitlow grass in fruit. They are flat oval shape.


Flower 2: 

Thale-cress (Arabidopsis thaliana)

Thall-cress, growing on the Settle Carlisle railway line at the path near the Hofman Kiln, Langcliffe

Here is a piece of Thale-cress I found on 1 January for the BSBI wildflower pant hunt in Settle

Its fruits are long narrow pods.


Flower 3: Shepherd's Purse:  Capsella bursa-pastoris

Here are members of Craven Conservation Group in Settle  discovering Shepherd's purse on a New Tear flower hunt several years ago.

ANd here are the flowers  of Shepherd's Purse (Also at New Year)  - well there is one at the very front.
Must take a better picture next time  I am down at the Coop shopping for food. And find one in fruit to show the herat shaped pods

Flower 4

Bonus plant - in bud at the Hofman Kiln, Langcliffe, a few days ago

But now out at Langcliffe Paper Mill:

Yes it is Jack by-the hedge, also known as Garlic Mustard. Hedge Garlic
the Latin is Allaria petiolata. It is a biennial so started growing last year.

  Look closer 

and closer. 

You can see the stigma in the centre  (post with a fat top where the pollen lands).
How many anthers can you see round it?

Click here for  more flowers coming out around Settle (and around most villages in the UK)

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