Saturday 13 April 2024

Settle Wildflowers 125 - 12 April 2024 Himalayan birch -The Tree Flowers - catkins - are peeking out everywhere-

"What are these planted birches near Booths with very white trunks and peeling  bark? Look at their male catkins!" (11 Apr)

"Betula  jacquemontii.  Himalayan Birch." helped a passing Margaret Wilding. "Thank you!." I answered.

 Tree flowers - catkins - are coming out!!  Now!.

I set off to Settle at 5pm on 12 April as the sun finally came out, armed with camera and hand lens. 

I discovered , not one, not two, not three .. but nine different tree species in with green flowers .. then one, two, three, four more - with brightly coloured flowers: Larch, Flowering Current, Cherry and Magnolia.. bringing my total to 13! (I lest them at the end of this post)

But todays blog only has the  Himalayan Birch. 

I started at the pump track (cycle track) at Millennium Gardens

Then went to  Bond Lane Play area near the Primary  School

Female catkin

Later I saw three more white flowers: 

For the record here are some more white flower I saw that evening, the Wild garlic and the Sweet Cicely (not really quite out yet) on the river path near Settle College.

and Thale Cress - a little in Booths Car Park.

Other Tree species:

Other Tree Species in flower:
  1. Silver birch
  2. Hornbeam
  3. (I include Osier Salix viminalis from the previous day)
  4. Goat Willow
  5. Purple willow (at {ath by river next to Settle College)
  6. Crack Willow
  7. A Garden Willow
  8. Maple
  9. Fancy alder (need to check) - almost out.
  10. Cherry
  11. Magnolia
  12. Flowering Current 
  13. Larch.
Have been out a while: Sloe; Elm.
Not quite out: Ash; Sycamore; Horsechestnut; Sycamore
Not out:  but buds - Elder
Not out definitely: Hawthorn; Beech; Oak;

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