Friday 5 April 2024

Settle Wildflowers - Day 121 - Settle 2024 - April 5 - Butterbur in the rain

Butterbur beside the path at
Watery Lane. (last year) 19 April 2023
on an Eco-Explorers walk.

First here is a picture from a (yes) sunny day last year on an Eco-Explorers Walk along Watery  Lane. 

It is 5 April 2024. I started posting Wildflowers of Settle 2024  onto Facebook this year on 1st April, posting them daily. 

Butterbur - Petasites hybridus.

We have had damp to very wet weather for the last three - six weeks. Most flowers look rather bedraggled. I took these photos today.

They re-tarmacced the footpath between  Langcliffe and Stainforth last year.  Here Dandelions and a few Butterbur plants have broken through the tarmac. 

Butterbur is said to be dioecious- i.e. some plants have only male flowers (i.e. with anthers) and the other plants have only female flowers (i.e. can make seeds) 

Here are photos from previous sunnier years.


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