Sunday 7 April 2024

Settle Wildflowers Day 122 - Snowdrop bulbs Langcliffe Churcn 7 April and Summer Snowflake in flower

Summer Snowflake. Leucojum aestivum 

Summer Snowflake has 3-6 flowers in a cluster and flowers April- May.   

Planted here in Langcliffe Church-yard  - but I see there is a record for our square in BSBI maps It is more abundant in the south coast of England, introduced there too.

(I looked this up:- Spring Snowflake   Leucojum vernum (which this is not) has 1-2 flowers per stem, and flowers Jan-March.)

The genus Leucojum is native to moist woodland and meadows of central and southern Europe, the Caucasus, Turkey and Iran.

At the entrance to the churchyard is a wheelbarrow with bulbs or ordinary Langcliffe snowdrop plants for sale - £3-00 a bag. (photographed 5 April 2024). The repeated heavy rain we have had has washed some of the chalk off the sign. Maybe if you come to buy books at the church you might also like to buy some snowdrops to support church funds.!

Here is Langcliffe Church Snowdrops in 26 Feb 2014 (I was 7 weeks too late to get such a photo today)

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