Saturday, 9 June 2018

30 Days Wild - Day 9 - Trips to search for sedges in Malhamdale reveal other other creatures too - Moths and Mayflies

There is so much to learn about sedges that we had not even left the centre by lunchtime.. - but look what we saw on the lawn. I am so glad it is still being looked after. and that rabbits or deer have not eaten it.
Early afternoon and we are on our way. Marsh Spike-rush - a member of the Cyperaceae that is not a Carex

It's a hard life.....

You need a hand lens to see details

Or maybe just big eyes...   a mayfly
Green Carpet moth
Green Carpet moth from underneath
A stonefly which would not sit still
Gold Swift - (picture slightly odd because of focus stacking.
Finally we reach Gordale..
by which time it's time to return for supper.


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