Monday, 20 March 2017

Lent Week 3: No new food: a - All bran brownies:

At Slimming World last week,  Sheila, or one of the participants brought some Wheetabix-chocolate  "brownies". So I tried the same with All Bran:
My version 
Ingredients: All bran; cocoa powder, Local honey (that I had bought for the Just Food Evening in Feb and not used - could be supplemented with sugar iv necessary) and coconut oil (that may be 3 and a half years old but is fine - I keep using it intermittently) and a little water.
Quantities : Some of each till it tasted right. Microwaved.

They tasted fine - Not SO fine that they were extremely "morish" But a good substitutes for sweets, or comfort desert. I cut them into small pieces and they lasted quite a few days.


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