Saturday, 25 March 2017

Lent: Week 4: No new food: a- vegetables-and-protein supplement

I start Week 4

and  have added a vegetables and protein supplement!

I do have lentils, quinoa, and porridge oats, left in stock...
(An Imperial College report says we should aim for 10 helping of veg and fruit a day (800g = 1.75 lb:- - 10  x 80g portions), not just our five a day)

All Week 3 I was looking forward to buying some more eggs, fresh veg and potatoes

COST (including 1 more cauliflower and carrot-parsnip-mash and frozen spinach later in week)- £18.06 

I tried to make the food - ethical - LOAF - Local, Organic, Animal friendly, Fairtrade

Quorn is 59% mycoprotein,
(but has rehydrated free range egg white, and some milk protein in it - so not vegan)

It is very passable as chicken breast in both texture and taste.
It is marketed from Stokesley in N Yorkshire (71 miles away, and 5 miles from the hill Roseberry Topping)
but I wonder where the mycoprotein is grown and packaged?

Ah, i see Wikipedia says it is made at Stokesley and at Billingham, Stockton on Tees. - the fungus is Fusarium venenatum and it is fed on glucose and fixed nitrogen compounds.

12 Local  Eggs:  (from sale at Tosside Village Hall) (Plus 3 donated form Ingleton later) £3-00 I think
Organic butter 1.75; (I do have olive oil left but it is a bit rancid) - luxury
2 packets Quorn - roast - £2-00 a "loaf" - (can be used a chicken breast and can cut into about 6 )
2.5Kg Potatoes £1.65
Organic Carrots 750g : £1-95
Fresh ginger 41p
Carrot and Parsnip Mash    1.35 (though not sure why they are imported from Ireland... though Booths is a NW supermarket, and the packets will come via sea)
Cauliflower on offer - 50p and 55p 2.2 lb each
Frozen spinach 1kg

(Last week I gained 1/2 lb. Maybe a not significant change - or maybe due to lack of veg: maybe due to over treating and over eating in my four meals out last weekend)

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