Monday, 20 March 2017

Lent: Week 3: No new food: b - Main course

Lent: Week 3 of buying no new food ingredients for home
And the Main Course on Wednesday:-

From a weight loss point of View - at Slimming World after 2 weeks I had lost a further 2 lb - Hurray -

Here are the ingredients I found to cook with on Wednesday at the beginning of Week 3:
Soup mix (from a small bag given to me by a lady in Settle Spinners last autumn)- that's just a small portion of hat I made.
Piece of ginger from last month - that ginger has been great.
Small piece of  fish I kept from the Fish and Chips meal I was invited out to the previous evening. Delicious.
Last jerusalem artichoke - I just slice it and microwave it- it is good way to eat it -
Marrow - “fresh from a friend’s allotment 6 weeks ago". I sliced it open two days ago. Excellent.
Lentils (I couldn’t be lasting this long without my supply of lentils)
Chicken gravy bisto - a year and a quarter old  but still “in date”.. and makes for tasty soup.
I ate the fish by itself and put the other ingredients rest into the soup.


Stocks are getting lower:  I have eaten most of my "this year" and "last year year"s tins
I have a very few two year old and three year old packets/bottles - but don't really fancy them.
I still have the staple of (January) oats, lentils and quinoa to go at, and some ancient all bran and newish coffee/milk powder.
And I have my unopened Christmas Cake waiting - If visitors come I will have something to give them.


I find I am really valuing my trips and visits out.
Tue:    Fish and Chips
Wed:   Hotcross buns and biscuits at the Lent Talk on Wednesday.
Thur:   Biscuits at the Talk on “Guisburn Forest” on Thursday. There were.
Fri:     Nothing!!. ( I went swimming  and was even hungrier!)  So lentils and quinoa at home it is.
Sat:am  the “Churches Together” Big Breakfast
Sat Lunch: Pioneer Projects (Dementia Art Group) fund raising lunch  Bacon butty followed by Chicken and Veg Soup.
Sun: lunch: Horton in Ribblesdale “Marmalade Festival” - I ploughed through the flooded road at Studfold to get there and back
Sun Tea: "Messy Church” in the afternoon. Shepherds pie; Jelly and ice cream.
Mon: Nothing -- (So lentils, quinoa, tinned spinach, and oat porridge and bottled apple)

So I think I will make it to the end of week 3 (Tuesday evening)

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