Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Learning to draw with Margaret Uttley at Meadow Connections, Lower Winskill

Margaret Uttley has produced some lovely big charcoal pictures of our area including one of this view down to Langcliffe and Settle from Lower Winskill.

You can see some in her pictures of Malham Tarn Fen at her current exhibition at Gavagan Gallery underneath the Town Hall, Settle 15 July -18 Aug 2017

So I felt really privileged to be able to attend her class this afternoon of 8th July 2017.

Here is a video of her early instructions to us.

and another

Jane concentrating

After 20 minutes we walked through the wood pasture to the next site, and sat down to draw again

This is me

Side-tracked by an interesting grass

This on my knee is my drawing .. of Doris drawing

Doris later shows her pictures
 Next stop is a field where I have recently been recording plants for Tom

Finally we end up at the Scythe Field.. planning to draw people in action.

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.. We all produced different styles of pictures

A picture by Doris

A big thank you to Margaret.

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