Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Northern Scythe Championships 2017 - Lower Winskill 2017

Judith drawing

This on my knee is my
drawing .. of Doris drawing

The Meadow Connections Weekend 7-9 July had workshops and a Ceilidh on Sat 8 July and the Northern Scythe Championships on 9 July.  I took part in the drawing workshop.. and visited some of the others- enamelled jewellery, keeping bees, scythe sharpening.

This video includes the overall winner plus winners of some of the special classes. The first three photos below show the great reach of the winner of the Open Competition Simon Damant

Another competitor who had been learning to
scythe on the course at the weekend.

The scythes ready sharpened, ready for use.

The previous day there had been courses - here people are learning to sharpen the scythe

(For links to workshops I attended at Meadow Connections the previous day, click here)

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