Wednesday 2 June 2021

Day 1 30 Days Wild 2021: and Walk and Pray for the Planet on the 1st day of the month

 1 June 2021: the first Day of 30 Days Wild 2021.

(See early morning pictures at the end of this post.)

Churches Together in Settle and District organise a walk on the 1st day of the month - to "Pray for the Planet"

Our walks may be fun - but the topic is serious - Maybe in a year's years time or five years' time we will be looking back and thinking we should have done much much more. What do you think?

We use the prayers provided by the group "Pray and Fast for the Climate"

Today the walk was combined with pastoral duties that Stephen Dawson had in Upper Ribblesdale, delivering messages to several of his far flung parishioners, and preparing for the Coming Messy Church Open Air Service to be held at Horton in Ribblesdale on 6 June. And a tiny bit of litter picking (fortunately scarcely needed on our route)

We hope that some of you reading this will join us for our walk next month on 1 July.

Horton Churchyard

Hairy Stonecrop
Hairy Stonecrop - from BRC

Glad to see the rare Sedum villosum (Hairy stonecrop) doing so well. near Selside -I do not remember noticing it just here before - It must be benefitting from our dry April (retarding other plants) and wet May - allowing it to grow in depressions in the limestone slabs. This area is its most southerly location in Britain. 

Jacobs Sheep and Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep.


A picture I took at 7.30am on 1 June - to start off 30 Days Wild
It shows
1: That the overhead Sycamore trees that I photographed on 16  April (In bud) are now fully in leaf
2. That in spite of the very wet May, the river level has soon gone low again..

Looking downstream 7.30am

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