Friday, 8 June 2018

30 Days Wild - Day 8 - It's Sedges at Malham Tarn - but lots of other wildlife too

The first evening on the Malham Tarn Sedges course we walk out to Ha Mire to look for sedges (Cyperaceae)

See how low the tarn is! The cattle come down to drink. The air is filled with mayflies

First we search in the limestone grassland
It doesn't show at this scale, but this person'jumper is covered with white mayfly.
Then in the mire.
This dark area would normally be a pool, but it has dried up

Looking back through Cotton-grass towards the setting sun.  Can you see the Marsh Arrow-grass towards the left?


Just for the record.. and to emphasize the drought, earlier that afternoon...
Earlier this afternoon I had stopped at a Limekiln in Plantlife's Winskill Reserve, to look for the Mossy Saxifrage. Yes a patch is there on the face of the kiln - but the rest that grew on the top has all been eaten. Other plants growing out of the side of the kiln are dying because of the drought.

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