Sunday, 3 June 2018

30 Days Wild - Day 3 - Langcliffe Teas and Bistort

Langcliffe Institute serve excellent cream teas on  Sunday afternoons in summer.

So where better to go for a walk - and to take my bunch of hedgerow plants, and find out about people's knowledge of plants.  (This week it was the WI serving)

I went into the churchyard shown here  (with the institute behind) to collect some Bistort. This wild plant grows well in the churchyard. The leaves are, I assured everyone, edible, or at least I am told they used to eat them in South Yorkshire. 

Here is the people of Langcliffe's  Millennium book "Langcliffe - Glimpses of a Dales village" - which contains the chapter on "The flora of Langcliffe Parish".  Is it really 19 years ago that I collected the data for this chapter? I am sorry it is now out of print.

 Here the Rural Dean studies a plant of Bistort.

Bistort has very distinctive leaves, where the lamina runs down the leaf stalk

Can you recognise these flowers?

Answers to be given in a later blog post.
The background is cm graph paper divided into millimeters.
I am pleased with my Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 for its focus stacking.



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