Wednesday, 6 June 2018

30 Days Wild - Day 6 - How many grasses do you think we found in this meadow?

Some friends had planted some trees in one of their fields. With no grazing, the plants had lots of opportunity to flower. Today we went to find out what plants, especially grasses, were growing in the field and the stream at the edge.

Sunny evening- we looked at the field in the foreground briefly, the river and the field with the newly planted trees.

Discovering different grasses
The dog wants to learn about grasses too.

That's better- the best educated dog in Craven with respect to Grasses

Taking the grasses home to stick them on card.

We also included sedges. This one has hairs on the leaves, and strong rhizomes (underground shoots)

See the four red coloured rhizomes  growing forward like spears. Yes, It's Hairy Sedge, Carex hirta
Wintercress  -Barbarea vulgaris

Altogether including two rushes, one woodrush. two sedges and 18 grasses we found 23 grasslike plants.

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