Saturday, 11 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 1 - White

Sat 11 April:  White
What wildflowers have you noticed on your exercise walk?

Members of Craven Conservation Group have been sending in their finds

From their gardens or exercise walks near Settle (or home villages)

Here are three white flowers.  

(Picture by Margaret Wilding) 
Wood anemone 
This is "poetic" wild flower - not a garden escape and not a weed.
It grows in woods and in a few hedgerows and even very occasionally corners of meadows that have not been reseeded or had agricultural fertilizers.  We are so lucky to be able to see it in our walks within  1/4 mile of Settle

(Photo by Ged Benn)
If you look closely with a magnifying glass you can count the petals. There are four petals. It is either Hairy Bittercress (a very common garden weed) or Wavy Bittercress (more likely to be found by damp woodland paths)
I am going to guess Wavy Bittercress, because the stems have slight zigzag bends.  But others might decide it is Hairy Bittercress.  This is a common weed in our garden streets now. The leaves taste of cress.

Many of you will have Hairy Bittercress in your garden. There is some growing near the similar looking Shepherd's-purse in the cobbles outside the Coop in Settle

Photo by Judith Allinson

This was taken in Langcliffe Churchyard in late February 2014 - but it makes a better picture than the snowdrops that are left now.
They are not really wild .. but they look great.

Painting by Doris Cairns 
of Snowdrops in Giggleswick Churchyard

We have lots more white flowers lined up for next Saturday too.

Tomorrow- Sunday's colour is yellow

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