Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 15 - Red Pink 2

With red we are ready to set  off on a new cycle of rainbow colours:

I shall put five plants here - if I wait another week, several of them will have finished flowering.The last two are really garden plants/trees, beautiful in the sun in Giggleswick Churchyard last week

Larch - photographed on 18 April - this has now turned greener on the trees

Early Purple Orchid: This grows on limestone grassland and sometimes in limestone woodland.  Several people sent in pictures

Early Purple Orchid by Tamsin Candeland on 21 April

Early Purple Orchid by Sheila Gordon


This was sent in two weeks ago by Steph

of Yorkshire Dales Guides

Is it a primrose or a false oxlip?
There are two interesting things
1. The colour - this red variety does occur  in the wild. (This one was found near Austwick)
2. It is a false oxslip - (I think)  (A cross between an oxlip and a cowslip). On the other hand, the leaves are more like primrose leaves than hybrid oxlip leaves. (If it were a cowslip there would be obvious leaf stalks at the base of the leaves.) and the petals are as large as primrose petals. Maybe it is just a freak primrose.


A view of the Giggleswick Church tower with Flowering Cherry in front.

Flowering Current - Ribes sanguineum - This is a garden plant that comes form W N America. the leaves should be scented when crushed. The photo was taken on 25 April on a beautiful sunny morning - The air is clear and there are no Aeroplane Trails because of the reduced aircraft.

Jeremy Bartlett wrote an excellent blog article on this here

I feature annother member of the current family.. Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa in my next post here 

Click here for  more flowers coming out around Settle

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