Saturday, 18 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 6 - White - 2

Wildflowers seen on exercise walks and in gardens around Settle (and most of UK) in April.  White flowers predominate in April. So we need have a run of three days on white flowers:

Number 1
The first white flower (on a shrub) has been flowering for  a fortnight, the second two flowers have been out for about a month:

Number 1 is a shrub - the first white shrub to flower in our hedgerows. (and is a member of the rose family)

Number 2

Number 2 grows on dry grazed and stony banks and has leaves like a strawberry is but does not have edible strawberry fruits. It is also a member of the rose family..

Number 3
Number 3 has four petals and grows on mortorway verges. 
We haven't a motorway in Settle - but it grows on the dry footpath on the main road that bypasses Stainforth, and it usually grows at the northern and southern junctions of Settle Bypass (but that is a long way for me to walk and check to these on an exercise walk.)

Number 1 is Sloe Prunus spinosus also known as Blackthorn
Sloe - or Blackthorn (Prunus spinosus)  this actually taken 1 April 2014  by JA
- with view of Settle from Castleberg Crag

Sloe (Blackthorn) on road to Stainforth
opposite Fairhurst's Stone Factory - 17 April 2020  (JA)

Number 2 is Barren Strawberry. Its leaflets are blunter than wild strawberry - which will be flowering in May. The middle tooth on each leaflet is very small. It grows on dry grassland banks.

Barren Strawberry  (Potentilla sterilis)  by Rachel Benson

Barren Strawberry  (Potentilla sterilis)  by Rachel Benson

Number 3 is Early Scurvygrass - Cochlearia danica
With its four petals, this is a member of the Brassicaceae - Cabbage or Cress family. Scurvygrasses  are edible and were used by sailors to prevent getting scurvy.
Early Scurvygrass - Cochlearia danica - by JA

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