Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 14 - White 5 - Woodland, base-rich

Three plants found at edges of woodland found on exercise walks this week around Settle, all three just coming out this week.

Plus one found too far away for me to walk to (12 miles) .. but that also grows in my garden

You should recognise the first -
 you would if you could smell it! 
Its name begins with G - well W. G.   
or else R.

The second has big flowers and big petals divided more than half way. and the initials of the name are G.S. Its petals look like white stitches
(not to be confused with its smaller relative, L.S.)

The third has very small white flowers

It leaves with three nerves and belongs to the same family as the one above. The picture on the right is extremely close up - i.e. it is small.
Its initials are T.N.S. ..

Number 4 is -- yes you recognise that too .. and by its smell. It is Lily of the Valley - chosen because 1st of May is 
La FĂȘte du muguet in France - Lily of the Valley Day.

So the first is wild Garic or Ramsons.
Isn't it beautiful when you see it close?

Here it is growing next to the path next to the Ribble in Settle, next to Settle College

This is Greater Stitchwort. If you ever see it growing with bluebells they look lovely together.  The very narrow leaves have tiny teeth.


Plant No. 3 is Three-nerved Sandwort.  

Three-nerved Sandwort - Moerhingia trinerva
A woodland annual of well drained loam soils especially warmer banks, and sometimes in hedgerows and beside walls.

It looks a bit like any other tiny white member of the stitchwort family (Caryophyllaceae) such as chickweeds, and sandworts but it is distinctive by its long flower stems, the very short petals compared to the sepals, and by the three nerves on the leaves.

I challenge any of you readers to tell me where you have found it near Settle!

I found it on my exercise walk near the river, but it is the first time I have found one near Settle - just show how these walks are making me observant.

And just some pictures of a repeat plant - Wood Anemones (See Day 1 ) because they are so beautiful. fluttering on the woodland floor with the light streaming through the trees.

Click here for  more flowers coming out around Settle

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