Thursday, 23 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 10 - Blue 2

No it's not bluebells yet - they are for later.

Today it's Speedwells: -  Down on your hands and knees to find these tiny sapphire gems.  

Tiny speedwells.  They all have four petals, staring from a tube, and with one petal smaller than the other three.  We had one last week - Slender Speedwell, but these three have smaller flowers

First the one that is most turquoise: (sea /cyan / )

Speedwell Number 1: 
Thyme leaved Speedwell. It has simple leaves. The leaves are not toothed and they are not hairy. They grow in pastures, and sometimes in lawns.

This one was growing in the pasture south of the Hoffman Kiln today
See the white stigmas and blue anthers

And this one is in Booth's Car Park

Plot in Booths Car Park with Thyme Leaved Speedwell


Speedwell Number 2: 
This is opposite Trevor's Market Shop. 
and Shucks - I've looked in the book and there are three different ones it could be.. I shall have to go back and look even more closely. Maybe I will need the fruit.
Let's just call it Field Speedwell for now. 


Speedwell number 3: Last but   not least -
Well actually it is the least.. It has the tiniest of flowers about 2mm across..  almost at the resolution of my camera 

found - in  the cobbles below the Coop, and also the pavement next to the Bank near the florists:

 Wall Speedwell.

Wall Speedwell - cobbles near the Coop
next to the wall of Lloyds Bank -see the Settle florists over the road

Same but closer
And whilst we are here let's admire the yellow lichen on the wall: Caloplaca citrina and the moss: Wall Screw-moss 

 May you go well on your jouney - speed well.

Click here for  more flowers coming out around Settle

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