Sunday, 12 April 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 2 - Yellow

Happy Easter Everyone.
Three golden flowers for Easter Day:
Look out for these in your gardens or in hedgerows of your exercise walks near Settle (or wherever you live in the UK)

Flower 1:
This flower's name begins with C  (see bottom of post for answer)

(Picture by Ray Hill)
It opens in the sun and looks glorious., then closes in the late afternoon.  It grows by the path between the Football pitch and the Settle School playing fields. An in many other places. - lawns pastures, road verges

It has lots of anthers (the blobs at the centre where the pollen is produced).   It is not a buttercup but it belongs to the buttercup family. Buttercups have five petals - how many does this flower have?

  Here's another picture of the same plant: 

(Picture by Gerald Benn)

Still on flower 1: with petals closed: (by Rachel Benson)

Flower 2:

                                                         (by Sharon Flint)

This is not a Dandelion.  (It does not have white milk in the stem like dandelions do).

It's name also begins with C.

For those of you who speak French, I'll give you a clue - the french name is   Pas-d’├óne 

The scientific name rolls off the tongue   Tussilago farfara  

The flowers come out before the leaves,  The leaves when they grow look a bit like small Butterbur leaves. (Name at end)

Flower 3: 

This flower is almost over,  - It is at its best in February:  but I photographed near the river in Settle yesterday. It's name also begins with C - well H actually -  (answer at the end) 

Photo by Judith Allinson

I've had several more yellow flowers sent in - I'll post the next set of yellow ones in seven days time.

Tomorrows colour is green. And Tuesday's is blue.

1 .   It is a celandine!   

2.  Colt's-foot

3.  Catkins - Hazel Catkins

How many did you get right? 

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