Thursday, 21 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 28 - Red 4 - Pink and various

1.  French Crane's-bill - Geranium endressii 

This garden escape grows in one patch on the cobbles of the Ribble just south of Settle

2. These are Daisies - Common Daises - Bellis perennis - but the outside of the petals are red so why not include them here? They are fun!!
They were growing on the heavily grazed grass of the flat pasture above the Geraniums above


3. Clematis montana - growing round my neighbour's doorway.  
Clematis montana
This is a garden plant - not even an escape But it is so pretty I just had to include it.
Clematis montana

I had a great walk yesterday (20 May) setting off after 4.30pm from Booths, walking eventually 2 miles south of Booths along the river. I found two sedges ready for "orange flowers"in a few days time.  Then found a new lichen for my SD86 lichen survey. Xanthoria polycarpa  (It is tiny - The patch is 1/3 cm across)

But then I had to walk back and it was getting late.

So late that the grass flowers were opening, and the anthers hanging out

(I reckon they shed their pollen  when it is moister (i.e. evening) so that the pollen does not dry up so much. ) 

So  I took photos of Red Fescue. (This is a very common grass that is included in most fields and in our lawns. It has basal leaf blades as thin as needles

4. Red Fescue - Festuca rubra


Red Fescue  Festuca rubra

Does anyone know why it is called  rubra? People keep asking me that.

5.  Melica nutans (Nodding or Mountain Melick) 

- also growing at the junction between me and my neighbour, spread from a plant I once bought. It does grow wild - but only seven miles from Settle which is beyond my Lockdown range.   I need to look for Melica uniflora (Wood Melick) which did see in leaf earlier in the year and it should be flowering by now. This is similar but has a branched panical, rather than being a raceme.

Click here for more flowers coming out around Settle

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