Friday, 22 May 2020

Settle Wastewater Treatment Works

We have Special Services (in the CofE anyway) at Rogationtide to pray for  the crops, farms, animals, water etc. I had wanted to have a "Walk round Settle Event" to pay respect to the Organisations and Institutions and Processes  that are so vital for the Ecology of our community - and world.

There ARE places we could visit within a stone's throw of St Johns.

However the sewage works is a bit far out to walk.  So on 20 May I set off on a walk and took some scenic photos -

Not many Wastewater Treatment works can boast of a backdrop as beautiful as
Giggleswick Scar, Lords Wood, Penyghent, Settle Hills- Attermire,  and swinging through 180 degrees..  to Pendle Hill!
Pendle Hill in the background on the right

Attermire in the distance

Lord's Wood left and Pen y Ghent right

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