Friday, 22 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers- Day 29 - Red 5 - Scarlet

Scarlet Red at last!!

1. Bilberry: Vaccinium myrtillus

- On acid soil at the top of the Woodland Trust Reserve of  Cleatop.
How many people know the red globe flowers of bilberry? - which are just as beautiful as their navy blue fruit.

Plantlife made a survey of favorite plants in 2002 asking people to vote for a plant for their County. Leeds chose bilberry, and Plantlife asked me to send them a photograph. I went to Hunter Bark then, to photograph bilberry flowers

Billberry - 6 May  Cleatop -Woodland Trust Reserve 


I would like to walk to Hunter Bark to look for bilberry too.Hunter Bark is only half a mile beyond Cleatop as the crow flies.
 Hunter Bark is only 2 miles from Settle - It's just that there are so many places to visit within that two miles, that I never ever get that far.   I know there will be lots of flowers along Mitchell Lane on the way to Hunter Bark. 

2. Water Aven:  Geum rivale

So graceful

Often it is hard to tell if there is a tiny bit of hybrid Wood Aven in these. 

Water Avens often produce flowers and shoots like this that are "Sports"


3. Common Sorrel: Rumex acetosa

This is just starting to come into flower - It is common in traditional Dales Hay Meadows, but the animals will just have been removed form them, so the sorrel won't have had time to grow big enough to flower in them yet. This was growing on a precarious bank by the Ribble on Wed 20th, so out of reach of the sheep.


The Ribble near where the Common Sorrel was growing.

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