Thursday, 21 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 27 - Red 3 - Crimson

I'm not sure where Crimson and Magenta and Pink fit into the Rainbow.
The Rainbow seems to start at Red - Scarlet.  

Have you noticed how few scarlet and orange flowers there are compared to other colours.? Lots of Scarlet fruit yes, but few completely scarlet flowers.  I hadn't noticed till I started looking this week

Red is 620 -750 nm wavelength and 1-65-2 electron volts photon energy.  Whereas Violet at the other end is shorter wavelength, 380-450 nm higher frequency and higher photon energy- 2.75-3.2ev.

So we are going to enjoy a couple of days of crimsons and pinks before we reach scarlet. Especially delightful because two and three days ago we had, as a respite in the drought,  .. RAIN! and then yesterday it was hot and sunny.

1. Red Clover 

I found my first red clover out this year beside the Ribble south of Settle yesterday (20 May)

Red Clover - Trifolium pratense close up
     Red Clover - exquisite shapes of individual flowers

2 Red Campion. Margaret Wilding sent me this picture back on 17 April!.  And I have seen scattered flowers since.

Red Campion on the Ribble downstream of Settle on 20th May

A fly lands on Red Campion . These flies are important pollinators

3. Honesty Lunaria annua
Two sets of people sent me Honesty Last month:

Honesty on 30 April by Denise Mills
Honesty on 28 April by Judy Thomas
Honesty will produce those silvery penny shaped seed pods

Click here for more flowers coming out around Settle

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