Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 22 - Blue 7 - Violet

1. Bush Vetch

Bush Vetch Vicia sepium

2. Comfrey - Symphytum 

Comfrey - sent in by J.D. - taken on 3 March 
There are nine species of Comfrey described in Stace 1st Edition, and more on the BSBI website. 
I am not sure which species this one is.


photographed on 15 April in the path at the millpond near the Locks, Langcliffe.
This is a garden escape/naturalised plant.

Lungwort probably Pulmonaria officinalis

4. Dusky Crane's-bill  Geranium phaeum
In late evining sun on Craven Bank Lane above Giggleswick 

Dusky Crane's-bill  Geranium phaeum

Dusky Crane's-bill  Geranium phaeum

5. Mountain Pansy Viola lutea - definitely wild.
Now should I put this under violet or under yellow? this is a delightful in between.
I will feature more under yellow later.

Mountain Pansy - sent in by Jill Eccleston

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