Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 21 - Blue 6 - Indigo

Three blue/indigo plants that are garden escapes / naturalised
 1. Perennial Cornflower  - Centaurea montana
This is the daisy family - but what beautiful ray florets.
It is different to Greater Scabious (found elsewhere later in the year, shihc also has big florets) because the Perennial Cornflower has simple strap shaped leaves, not divided leaves.

2. Greater Periwinkle - Vinca major  
This has minutely hairy sepals and edges of leaves. Lesser Periwinkle is hairless in these places

Vinca major

Greater Periwinkle

Greater Periwinkle  by DM

3. Lesser Periwinkle
I saw this much earlier in the year..  I plan to dig a picture out of my computer one day.
The edges of this plant are hairless.

4. Monkshood taken on 8 May  by  Ray Hill

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