Sunday, 3 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 17 - Yellow - 3

Three common flowers seen through most of the UK
Cowslips, Dandelions and Crosswort.

Flower No 1: Cowslip

Cowslips have been coming out for a couple of weeks. This year in open grassland they are small and suffering  because the ground is so dry. In a  month they will all be in seed.

Flower No 2: Dandelion

The dandelions by the roadside (which close up at night) are just unfurling (this one 9.15am Wed 6 May)  as the sun comes over the hill and reaches them this morning. A fly comes looking for food and warmth: 


Dandelions - there are actually many species or at least subspecies of dandelions. They look glorious this week. By next week they will be a mass of white dandelion heads. Odd ones will continue all year.

Guest photo: Dandelions in the Churnett Valley Cheadle, Staffs.  Sent in by Heather Bates

 Flower No 3: Crosswort

Crosswort at Langcliffe Hoffman Kiln

Crosswort is only just coming out.. and it will be there all summer in verges and hedgerows. It is rare/abasent from West Wales, SW England/West and North Scotland and all Ireland. 

Crosswort at Langcliffe Hoffman Kiln

Crosswort at Langcliffe Hoffman Kiln

Next week's yellow flowers in the rainbow cycle will be three species that are are special and only grow in relatively few parts of Britain. They are just coming out now... So come back and see them.. 

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