Saturday 2 May 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 16 - Orange 1

Welsh Poppy - Mecanopsis cambrica
One orange wildflower, two brownish ones and a bright  orange rust fungus:

Welsh Poppy - Mecanopsis cambrica

Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa  This has increased  in abundance in the wild since the 1960s.  This one is growing on Craven Bank Lane, leading out of Giggleswick

Ribwort plantain  Plantago lanceolata
Look at the beautiful stigmas and anthers.
G.W. writes: Cycling around the delightful hamlets near me of Ireby and Cowan Bridge, even the commonest wayside plants delight. The plantain's long stems with little circlet of stamens like a halo around the head has long been a favourite. Many many years ago, living in a London suburb . I walked past an elderly gardener and got into conversation briefly. I commented on the plantains and I will always remember his fond answer..."like little ballerinas they are."

Tom Lord at Lower Winskill who has manged manages some of his hay meadows to increase wildflowers and butterflies observed that when Yellow-rattle appeared and reduced the growth rate of some of the grasses then Ribwort Plantain appeared. 

It grows beside footpaths - maybe it does well because it has a taproot.
The very young leaves are edible (Older ones get very fibrous). there are some uses here
In pollen analysis its appearance has been used to indicate the appearance of agriculture.

Here is a picture by Yanny Peters I found on the internet that I like:

Ribwort Plantain provides food for many moths and butterflies


I discovered this gall cause by Rust  growing on Dog's Mercury. It also grows on poplars

Melampsora rostrupii

Melampsora rostrupii

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